looking back on the rnw-noor academy in mexico

A report back from academy moderator, photography editor and consultant Claudia Hinterseer (former managing director of NOOR)

After five intense days, the workshop has come to an end and looking back I can only say that it was a big success.

We explored the young photographer’s interests, passions and visual story ideas; concepts they will develop with the long-distance support of Jon Lowenstein and Sebastian Liste. And although still at an early stage, all the photographers left with a clear idea of what projects they will work on in the months ahead.




A recurrent learning point this week was: follow your heart! This approach also surfaced regularly in the presentations Jon and Sebastian gave of their long-term personal projects. To achieve the best, your passion and work should be aligned.

We debated and discussed issues of ethics, security and the possibilities Instagram and other (social) media offer. We looked at a wide range of photographic projects for insights and inspiration and talked about the international photography market. Besides this, and much more, we spent the evenings together exploring Mexico City by night.



If you would like to get to know some of the participants, read their testimonies here:

Fred Ramos (El Salvador)

Sara Escobar (Mexico)

Enrique Rashide Serrato Frias (Mexico)

Ernesto Perez (Venezuela) 


And so as the week came to an end, the photographers became more and more eager to start shooting their projects; this can only mean good things are to come… stay tuned via #rnwnoor.


For a video impression of the workshop see here.


Text and images: Claudia Hinterseer, testimonies by Michiel Bles.