Best of 2018

NOOR presents a selection of singles of 2018, speaking to our world. NOOR is unified in our desire to connect the dots around critical issues such climate change, over consumption, forced migration, the rise of authoritarianism, the injustices of patriarchy and the power of art and music to keep us human. NOOR would like to thank again our long-term main partner Nikon Europe in supporting us to shining a light in the darkest places in the world.




by Kadir van Lohuizen

An Uncomfortable word

by Andrea Bruce

The island of the colorblind

by Sanne De Wilde

The Youth of Russia

by Yuri Kozyrev

Hellbangers of Botswana

by Pep Bonet



As If We Were Tuna

Directed by Francesco Zizola / noor

Watch the trailer now to Francesco Zizola’s latest movie on the bluefin tuna coming in from the ocean to reach the clear and warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea.