Teenagers posing for their picture in Hoard Park on Chicago's South Side.

Chicago?s South Side has experienced major changes over the past decade. Covering more than half the city of Chicago, the area has seen the dissolution of the world?s largest public housing developments,  a multi-million dollar rehabilitation of the lakefront area as well as a spike in crime and violence in neighborhoods like Englewood and Little Village?resulting in 49 shootings in month of March alone.

Photographer Jon Lowenstein, who recently received a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship for his decade long project documenting the lives of the people living on the  South Side in an attempt to showing the reality in one of the most segregated cities in our country.

A Violent Thread

By Jon Lowenstein

 Five year old urban refugee reluctantly awakes to start her day. 

An urban refugee family (refugee from Syria) are struggling to survive. Their father, Maher, 43, was paralyzed after he received an injection while he was in prison.  Both the mother, Farah, has thalassemia, and their youngest daughter. UNHCR cleared them for cash assistance, which will be a lifesaver for the family. They pay 150 Jordanian dinars a month for a small, cold, and leaking apartment. Their only form of income is from the mother (she earns five Jordanian dinars a day as a maid) and from their 14-year-old son, Yazan. Yazan is 14 with a heart birth defect. He works at a bakery, a distance of half an hour walk, working from 7 till 10 at night for 7 JDs a day. ‘I can’t bear my mother working as a maid,’ Yazan says.  He cannot find time to work in school, and returns home so exhausted his family watch him sleep and cry, they say. Their 12-year-old daughter Lamis helps with the house chores when her mother goes to work. She goes to school at 12:30, and comes back at 4:30.  Through her work cleaning at the institution, Farah has secured a position at a private day care for her youngest daughter. Farah walks every day in the street looking for a job, asking if people need help in the house for cleaning.

Syria Via whatsapp

by Tanya Habjouqa

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Triumph of the shill

by Nina Berman

 Pep Bonet - Right to Identity - Tanzania, January 2015 
Abdul Ayoub looking for mobile network, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Mobile technology is a booming industry in Tanzania. Mobile phones have infiltrated at all levels of society, especially amongst the youth who are driving innovation, as 57% of Tanzanians own a mobile phone.
Tanzania has one of the lowest levels of birth registration in Africa. The Under 5 Birth Registration Initiative was launched as a pilot initiative in the Mbeya region, using a simple mobile phone application. Birth registration in the region has increased from 8% to 45%.

Right to identity

by Pep Bonet

 After spending two days and two nights on the MSF Bourbon Argos, rescued migrants catch sight of the Italian coast for the first time. 23 August 2015

In the same boat

by Francesco Zizola

Child mortality in Chad

The most beautiful hell I know

by Pep Bonet

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The Dwarf Empire

by Sanne De Wilde

Mot�rhead "European Tour"


by Pep Bonet

 Near Dimock,  Susquhanna County

Gone baby gone

by Nina Berman

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When the sky comes looking for you

by Pep Bonet

Child Labor and Exploitation in Bangladesh

Forced: Child Labour & Explotation

by Pep Bonet

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Lincoln's Promise

by Jon Lowenstein


by Stanley Greene

in the oil sands.png

In the Oil Sands

by Jon Lowenstein


Brazil’s Range War: Assault on the Amazon

by Kadir van Lohuizen


Lüderitz Speed Challenge

by Pep Bonet

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Un Filon En Or: La véritable histoire de l’or «togolais» raffiné en Suisse

by Pep Bonet

 Fire on the mountain top nearSmoke billows from the 52,000 acre Kelly Creek fire in the Cariboo section of British Columbia, Canada.  Beetle killed trees, which add fuel to fire, can be seen all across the hill tops.  The 2009 fire season was one of the worst in the province's history.   The fire prevention budget grew from $60 million Canadian to $390 million Canadian dollars for the season. limate change has increased the number and intensity of forest fires also fueled by dead pine beetle killed trees.

pine beetles

by Nina Berman

Showreel 2017.png

Showreel 2017

by Pep Bonet


The New Brazil



Blackfields: Poland’s Coal Industry

by Pep Bonet

Girlztalk - trailer.png

Girlztalk - trailer

by Pep Bonet

 Maldives, 2007 on the port of Male **please check the restrictions at the restriction field**

A Paradise in Peril

by Francesco Zizola

 Shadows of change -Uummannaq  ,Greenlland -10/18 /09                                                   Stanley Greene (C)NOOR Images- 2009

Cold Heaven , blue ice 

In one year glaciers have retreated 15 km , Greenland Glaciers are continuing to lose ice area , a loss equivalent with a area more than the 11 times the area of manhattan , there is a prediction that there could be a loss of 100 square meters by the summer of 2010 .

Shadows of Change

by Stanley Greene