noor representative special projects europe

NOOR is pleased to announce that Camilla Invernizzi, founder of aBcM agency in Milan, will be NOOR’s new Representative for Special Projects in Europe.


aBcM is specialized in developing and producing photography projects by activating a network of professionals from different fields for cultural production and communication. aBcM experiments with interactive models and participatory projects that have a social impact and generate reciprocal relationships between photography, art, public and private institutions. aBcM handles photographic projects that span the publishing world, exhibitions and multimedia events.


“The NOOR photographers are some of the most important visual storytellers of our time and their work is recognized worldwide and regularly published on the most prestigious newspapers and magazines. The aim of this collaboration is to improve the strength of NOOR as a whole, to reinforce the agency's identity by working on collective projects and building networks with institutions and organizations which will expand and diversify NOOR’s reach in Europe,” explains Camilla Invernizzi.


Invernizzi has over twenty-years of professional experience in publishing houses, communication agencies and international photography agencies. Her collaborations with the most respected players in contemporary photography and experts in the field (curators, art directors, editors...) allow her to create specific networks for each project, ensuring innovative photographic projects of outstanding quality. 


Founding NOOR member Francesco Zizola elaborates: “I know Camilla for her capability and seriousness in producing cultural and communication projects at a high level. I'm sure that this will be an important relationship for NOOR.”


Camilla is based in Milan, Italy, and can be reached by email