- Our Goal -

We are dedicated to bring support & encouragement and support of young storytellers around the world and particularly in areas where access to photography education is scarce.

- Our Initiative -

We produce and facilitate educational inititatives - such as workshops, masterclasses, lectures, mentorshops, events - in close collaboration with partner institutions, and sponsors. 

- Our results at a glance -

We have taught approximately 800 students in over 35 countries. We have nurtured new talents that represent today's world's most accomplished award winning authors. 


Our educational programs target a broad audience - from a general public interested in story telling and/or particular issues to professional visual storytellers & NGO Media staff at different levels of experience & ambition. Our expertise goes beyond the medium of photography, exploring the following issues:

  • Climate change, it's aftermath.

  • Migration & displacement

  • Confict, war & its aftermath

  • Human rights

  • Protest, civilian social movements, revolution

  • Gender issues, sexual identity

  • Women’s & global health

  • Policing & military

  • Security & surveillance

  • Labor – child & forced labor

Along with our diverse educational activities, we run every year, with the grateful support of Nikon Europe, the Nikon-NOOR Academy Masterclasses.

The Nikon-NOOR Academy is a serie of free-of-charge masterclasses for young, aspiring documentary visual storytellers. During each of the four-day trainings, 15 participants, together with three NOOR member authors will share experiences, work on portfolios, improve editing skills and learn how to develop visual stories. Participants can get the most out of the experience when they come to the workshop with a body of work they are currently developing, editing, working on and/or thinking about how to share with audiences.