Snow White

by Sanne De Wilde

1200_Lennerd_Snow White_2015.jpg
1200_Isaac_Snow White_2015.jpg

People with albinism are light sensitive, like photographic material, light leaves an irreversible imprint on their body. Their white beauty, that makes them stand out, at the same time makes their image dissolve, consumed by bright light.

People with albinism become a metaphor, a symbol for stereotypes. Through their vulnerability they have the power to transcend the isolation of 'otherness'. They magnify the idea of physical fragility but also that of (un)earthly, breathtaking beauty. They mirror the viewers gaze, mirror the makers motives, and becomes a subject that looks back at (and reflects on) us.

1200_Nele_Snow White_2015.jpg
1200_Tyana_Snow White_2015_2.jpg

They magnify the erroneous idea of human weaknesses and physical fragility but also that of (un)earthly, breathtaking beauty.

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