Robin Hammond

Robin Hammond's photograph for National Geographic's April front page

Robin Hammond has shot this month's front cover of National Geographic tackling the issue of Race.

“I had the privilege of shooting the cover of this month’s special issue on Race. 11 year old twins Millie (right) and Marcia (left) are from Birmingham, United Kingdom. Their mother calls them her “rainbow twins.” “They’re my miracles” she says. Race is a made-up label used to define and separate us. In its special race issue, National Geographic reports on the origins of scientific racism and how it has defined society as we know it. #IDefineMe. I’ll be sharing more images from the cover shoot and the feature I shot on genetics and race on my instagram channel" - Robin Hammond.


One Day in My World - Mental Health in Croatia

Robin Hammond's new story on the heroic efforts of one institution in Croatia trying to make the lives of people with mental health issues better is now published on Witness Change's campaign website for One Day In My World :

The Croatian government, in contravention of the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, is actively trying to thwart the heroic efforts of the institution and its remarkable director to free people with mental health conditions. Please share this story to let them know that locking away people for life because of they have an illness is inhumane and must stop.

Announcing new members & nominees

NOOR is proud to announce important outcomes of the NOOR Annual General Meeting that took place in Amsterdam, in September 20-24th, 2017.




NOOR welcomes three new nominees: Arko Datto (India), Leonard Pongo (Belgium / Democratic Republic of the Congo) and Sanne De Wilde (Belgium).

About the three nominees, NOOR’s Managing Director Clement Saccomani shares: ”Having Sanne, Arko and Leonard join NOOR helps us to continue to confront dominant narratives using visual storytelling with integrity and passion. We exist to inspire empathy and action. These storytellers share with us this mission and will play an important role in helping us to achieve it.” 

Sanne de Wilde states: “Call me naive, but I believe in the power of the photo-family. Connecting people who share ideals, differ in opinion, reach for the same goals, exchange ideas; eager to learn, teach, share. I see NOOR as a colorful bunch of people where I could add another touch of color to.”


NOOR photographers Tanya Habjouqa and Robin Hammond were voted in unanimously as full members joining the agency as shareholders. 

Tanya Habjouqa says: ”I have found my transnational tribal storytelling family. The character, eccentricity, passion, intellect, curiosity, and integrity of this group inspires one to push further and further. To aspire to more. We find ourselves stronger together.”

Robin Hammond states: “A year ago I had the honor of being accepted as a NOOR nominee. Since then, by working with the NOOR office, I’ve seen my work reach more people, and have a greater impact. The members of the agency have been a constant source of inspiration and support. I’m really grateful now, at the Annual General Meeting in Amsterdam, to have been accepted as a full member into the NOOR family.”

NOOR in Amsterdam | September 2017

NOOR Annual General Meeting will take place this year in Amsterdam between September 21-24th. It will bring together the agency’s international photographers & staff to discuss photography, visual storytelling, ideas, company business and vote on potential new members. In the frame of the agency’s 10th anniversary and Unseen Photo Fair, NOOR will be organising a series of events around the city.