Nikon-NOOR Academy | Announcing the participants for the 2019 Masterclass in Austria

We are delighted to announce the participants selected for the 2019 Nikon-NOOR Academy, which will take place in Vienna, Austria.

The tutors for this masterclass are Sanne De WildeBénédicte Kurzen and Pep Bonet

We would sincerely like to thank all the people who sent forward their applications and congratulate the photographers who will participate to the masterclasses.

Vanessa Szopory

Naomi Frank

Dalmonia Rognean

Salih Basheer

Florian Sulzer

Mattia Martoriati

Sabina Candusso

Filippo Taddei

Ruben Hamelink

Nadezhda Ermakova

Monika Jia Rui Scherer

Carolina Rapezzi

Ingrid Halvorsen

Hanna Kristin Hjardar

Sam Murray


To power the Nikon-NOOR Academy Masterclass applications, we teamed up with our partner Picter, an online platform hosting contests, call for applications as well as tools for professional image-makers simply their workflow.