november amsterdam workshop with alixandra fazzina & sebastian liste

NOOR is exited to team up with the FOTOfactory to bring NOOR’s teaching photographers to canal-side education center in Amsterdam’s Jordaan district. The intimate & rigorous four-day program will focus on documentary photography & self-directed project development.

Award-winning photographers, Alixandra Fazzina (UK) & Sebastián Liste (ES) will share their practices, passions & expertise to guide participants, but also to push them to think differently about their work. Both photographers are known for their independent, in-depth and long-term projects. This will be the first time Alixandra & Sebastián are teaching together - we invite you to join us in NOOR's home-city, Amsterdam, for this special opportunity.

Participants are encouraged to engage, share, question and debate. Tutors and students work closely together in an informal environment and learn through the process of exchange, dialogue and hands-on practice.  Participants will get the most out of the workshop when they focus on a project they have in mind (can be at conception phase, in development or production, currently on hold, something they want to pursue in the future...).




Workshop 24-27 November 2016

The workshop will be conducted in English

Workshop price: €615 exclusive VAT

Location: the FOTOfactory, Keizersgracht 82-bg, 1015 CT, Amsterdam


Topics to be covered include:


  • Visual narrative, image selection & editing
  • ‘The Ethics of Getting Close:’ Considerations for working with dignity & compassion as a photographer. A lecture that will challenge participating photographers to think about restraints & ethical considerations when documenting people’s lives on camera in the modern age.
  • Research, story preparation & best practices for working in the field with subjects, fixers & translators.
  • Captioning, preparing your work for presentation, tips on professional project proposal writing
  • Getting your work out into the world – platforms, dissemination (editorial, exhibitions, books, online), new media
  • Alixandra Fazzina - presentation & discussion on her work ‘A Million Shillings: Escape from Somalia,’ Presentation of book & project that will touch on ideas regarding developing project concepts & making long-term projects
  • Sebastián Liste - Presentation from on ‘An Intimate Pandemic: 2009-2016,’ his project on cultures of violence in Latin America & his approach to long-term projects






  • Basic experience in photography or photojournalism (please indicate in work & education experience sections of Application Form)
  • English fluency (the workshop will be conducted in English)
  • Good technical understanding of your camera equipment


To Apply:


  • Complete Application Form, including your Motivation (500 words maximum), Work Experience (200 words maximum) & Education Experience (200 words maximum)
  • The form will also prompt you to submit an image portfolio by making a blog and sending us the link. (Please find a tutorial for making the blog here) This portfolio must include the following:
    • At least one photo story (minimum 8 images)
    • Maximum 30 images total
    • No more than 8 single images (images which are not part of a photo story)
    • All images should be accompanied by a concise caption
    • For any photo story, please include a title and brief introduction

Photo © Sebastian Liste / NOOR