noor exhibition and noor night at fotografia europea

Photo © Yuri Kozyrev


An exhibition of NOOR photographers' work will be presented at Fotografia Europea in a group show titled, "A NOOR JOURNAL ON THE CHANGING PLANET, 2009 – 2015."


The exhibition curated by Laura Serani features work from Consequences, NOOR's group project on climate change from 2009, as well as a body of new work, Solutions, documenting positive measures that have been taken to curb global warming.


This wide-ranging group project underscores the urgent action required to combat these dramatic situations emerging around the issue of climate change. Presented for the first time in Copenhagen in December 2009 during the United Nations Climate Summit, Consequences has continued to develop into various chapters with the production of the new series, Solutions, which sets out to identify technologies and initiatives aimed at limiting the effects of global warming.


Photo © Pep Bonet


The exhibit on show at this year’s Fotografia Europea Festival is a synthesis of the two phases of the NOOR project, Consequences and Solutions, offering a comprehensive vision of climate change issues faced globally, and of the positive reactions that have been implemented.


Learn more about the exhibition here.


Also happening at Fotografia Europea: NOOR Night!

Saturday, May 16th, 2015, 21:30 | Cloisters of San Pietro, Reggio Emilia, Italy


Lars Boering, the new Director of World Press Photo, will moderate an evening of NOOR screenings and discussions on the topic, "Change: How to Achieve It."


The exhibition and the NOOR Night are part of the HOST program, curated by aBcM.


For more info, visit the festival website, here.