NOOR Annual General Meeting



Amsterdam, May 31 – June 6, 2016



The NOOR Annual General Meeting brings together the agency’s international photographers

staff to discuss photography, visual storytelling, ideas, company business and vote on potential new members.


This year’s AGM took place between May 31 and June 5, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


As a result of this year’s AGM, NOOR is pleased to announce: 

Tanya Habjouqa and Robin Hammond have been made Nominees 


Sebastian Liste and Benedicte Kurzen have been unanimously elected NOOR President and

Vice President for the coming year.



NOOR would like to express great gratitude and thanks to Nikon EuropePakhuis de Zwijger,

X-Bank, W Hotel, PhotoQ Bookshop.



A note from NOOR Managing Director, Clement Saccomani


“This AGM was a great moment to meet and share ideas and new projects with the NOOR Family. Several initiatives to engage further with the world have been discussed and will be announced

very soon. This is an exciting time for NOOR. Congratulations to Tanya and Robin for joining us as nominees. We strongly believe that some things simply need to be seen. All together, we will keep making and telling stories that impact humanity.


Sebastian Liste:

“This year AGM in Amsterdam was a very special one. We were sailing together for some days, discussing the future of our collective, sharing experiences and visions. We are confident that today is a moment of reflection and changes and we are extremely glad to announce that Robin and Tanya are joining us as nominees to head this bright future together”


Benedicte Kurzen

Today, the NOOR boat came back to Amsterdam docks but our sails will remain up for the year to come! From the great energy that always spread from those days  we are ready to face a new chapter of our collective history. This year our group is widening its horizon with two new additions - Robin Hammond and Tanya Habjouqa-. It feels very natural to incorporate those strong visionaires with who we share the heart bit of our group: story telling with heart, respect. Also, we were happy to launch a new group project about the actors of change all over Africa, “Rise up! Shout out!”, which of course is very close to my heart. This project and the one to come reflect, we hope, our strong desire to participate in the most relevant way in the greater narration  of the world.



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Image: © Sybren Vanoverberghe