kadir van lohuizen's sea level work in the new york times

NOOR's Kadir van Lohuizen has worked extensively around the world to produce broad, compelling work on global rising sea levels. This work has just been published as a substantial piece in the New York Times, online and in print.

"Rising Seas" includes a collection of slideshows and detailed information about some of the areas most vulnerable to rising seas around the globe, showing the magnitude and scope of the problem through individual area profiles. A related article, entitled Borrowed Time on Disappearing Land, focuses on how Bangladesh is confronting the problem as one of the world's most vulnerable nations, although it has contributed minimally to carbon emissions. The work in Bangladesh also includes three videos that further illustrate the situation through glimpses of everyday life and a map visualization of the effect of rising water on Bangladesh.

We invite you to see this important and informative work online or in the print edition of the New York Times.