andrea bruce: shooting for the New Yorker, via Instagram!

© Andrea Bruce

Andrea (@andreabruce_noor) is posting on the New Yorker instagram site (@newyorkermag) with Omar and Mustafa, a father and son from Iraq who are road-tripping across the United States to their new home in Portland, OR.

"Omar and I worked together for 8 years in Iraq while I worked for The Washington Post. A few months ago he and his family immigrated to the states, landing in the DC area where they faced a bed-bug infested apartment, bad schools, gangs and a high cost of living. I’m documenting their move to the west coast and their new start. " - Andrea.

The above photo was taken in their beautiful Baghdad home in 2011. Thanks to employees of The Washington Post, the Iraq Refugee Assistance Project and The Aftermath Project for getting them here. @noorimages @refugee_rights @noorimages