Francesco Zizola

NOOR Urges Action on Climate Emergency


NOOR supports the Global Climate Strike that will take place on September the 20th and encourages everyone to join the movement.


NOOR dedicates September to our Environment

For more than a decade, NOOR Authors have documented our growing climate crisis caused by fossil fuel production and material consumption along with the political forces enabling this planetary catastrophe. Through our work we have also pointed to solutions to help ensure sustainable human presence on this planet. The need for action is urgent.

As world leaders meet in New York City next month and climate actions are planned world wide, we will dedicate the month of September to sharing stories on the environment from our archive and works in progress. Please follow these stories on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We encourage our media partners, researchers, and our community to do the same.

NOOR showcases 2018 Nikon-NOOR Academy Second Session Students' Projects

NOOR is proud to share the projects of 2018 Nikon-NOOR Academy Second Session students.

NOOR visual-storytellers Benedicte Kurzen, Sanne De Wilde, Francesco Zizola, Sebastian Liste, Jon Lowenstein, Tanya Habjouqa, Kadir van Lohuizen and Leonard Pongo led 49 students in the masterclasses held in Italy, Hungary and Switzerland. During four intensive days of the Nikon-NOOR Academy, each group reviewed and shared their portfolios, listened to presentations by the photographers, held in-depth discussions on practical and creative issues, and edited their visual stories.

The masterclasses have been made possible thanks to the generous support of Nikon Europe.



2018 Nikon-NOOR Academy Second Session

Participants in Italy:

Alessia Rollo
Camilla Ferrari
Camilla Piana
Camillo Pasquarelli
Elias Holzknecht
Elisabetta Zavoli
Emilienne Malfatto
Francesca Volpi
Giulia Frigieri
Lucas Bäuml
Marco Tiberio
Michele Spatari
Stefano Sbrulli
Valeria Cherchi


Participants in Hungary:

Aleksandra Bardas
Andras Polgar
Andrea Alai
Elena Anosova
Elipe Mahe
Istvan Bielik
Istvan Juhasz
Jeanne Frank
Marton Monus
Nik Neubauer
Pavel Bogolepov
Pavel Nasadil
Pavlo Bishko
Stanislava Novgorodtseva
Tamas Soki
Viktoryia Gerasimava
Zsolt Balazs
Zuzana Gogova


2018 Nikon-NOOR Academy Second Session



2018 Nikon-NOOR Academy Second Session

Participants in Switzerland:

Anne Ackermann
Charlotte Hooij
Claudia Schildknecht
Florian Spring
Hugh Kinsella Cunningham
Kristina Steiner
Lukas Kreibig
Marion Bernet
Matthieu Zellweger
Meinrad Schade
Nadia Natascha Horsted-Narejo
Nathalie Taiana
Nicholas Constant
Olivia Sasse
Ronald Pizzoferrato
Tamina-Florentine Zuch
Tim Rod

noor winners of world press photo 2016

We are pleased to announce that NOOR photographers Francesco Zizola and Sebastián Liste have been awarded in WORLD PRESS PHOTO 2016!



Francesco Zizola has been awarded 2nd prize in the Contemporary Issues category of World Press Photo 2016 for his series 'In the Same Boat'. 


"Last summer MSF launched three boats for a search and rescue action in the Mediterranean Sea. It was a strong signal to all EU governments who had not been able to quickly address the ever-increasing influx of migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean on unseaworthy vessels. This story is very important to me because in the few weeks I spent on board of the Bourbon Argos, I witnessed how essential it is to be present and efficient when lives are at stake. Thanks to the great work of MSF over three thousands lives were saved."Francesco Zizola






Sebastián Liste has won 3rd prize in the Daily Life category of World Press Photo 2016 for his story 'Citizen Journalism in Brazil's Favelas'. 


"You know that the world is changing when you meet a group of young people that are using social media to fight against police brutally and to protect human rights in their marginalized community. This collective of citizen journalists was ignored by traditional media and threatened by the authorities. I am glad that World Press Photo will allow them to get the international attention they deserve" Sebastián Liste

francesco zizola wins the pictures of the year international competition


We are pleased to announce that Francesco Zizola has been awarded third place in the Exodus category of the Pictures of the Year international competition for his series ‘In the same boat’. Exodus is a new category of this year's Pictures of the Year International competition, for single photographs depicting the desperate migration of individuals and families from their native homes seeking sanctuary from political or religious persecution.