Yuri Kozyrev documents the remote community of Vissarion for deVolkskrant

For de Volkskrant, Yuri Kozyrev uncovers the remote community of Vissarion deep into Siberia, where they worship their leader, who says being the reincarnation of Jesus. Check out this fascinating story in the latest Volkskrant feature.

Our January Monthly Newsletter is out!

Our January Monthly Newsletter is out now, so make sure to check out the latest activities and opportunities to engage with us here!

Link to the newsletter here:

 Congo DR, Kasai Central, Luemba, 16 March 2018

A field outside of Luemba that has been slashed and burnt. Despite the conflicts and the destruction of many fields in 2016 and 2017, people who have returned to their homes started planting again and although malnutrition is still a problem, people are finding solutions to find food. Central Kasaï Province.

Léonard Pongo / NOOR

Andrea Bruce presents Our Democracy at the National Geographic Storytellers Summit 2019

Andrea Bruce presented her latest long-term project Our Democracy at the National Geographic Storytellers Summit 2019. Watch her talk now here:

You can also discover more about her project Our Democracy on her website and instagram feed.

NOOR December Newsletter is out now!

Our December Newsletter is out now, so make sure to check out the latest work at NOOR, as well as education opportunities, and all the upcoming exhibitions!

Project Launch | Reconstruction of Identities

NOOR is excited to share the recently launched Reconstruction of Identities #RIO Project, a project aiming to promote and protect the richness of both national and European cultural heritage. The RIO Project will breathe life into small communities by stimulating cultural activities as an alternative communication method between locals and newcomers.


This project has been set up through close collaboration between Creative Europe, The Municipality of Savignano Sul Rubicone, Copenhagen Photo Festival, Ad Hoc, and NOOR.

To enhance communication between foreigners and locals within such communities, RIO project aims to organise a wide-ranging programme of talks, conferences, guided tours, and book-signings; it promotes the opening of artists’ residencies, the organisation and circulation of exhibitions, and the lending of artworks to other museums or institutions; it aims at providing young and amateur photographers with educational resources, activities and workshops.

Keep an eye on the RIO website or Instagram page for the latest news and updates!

SEVENTY YEARS OF SUFFOCATION - Tanya Habjouqa with Amnesty International

Photo by Tanya Habjouqa/ NOOR

2018 marks 70 years since the expulsion and displacement of more than 700,000 Palestinians from their homes, villages and cities during the one-year conflict that created Israel in 1948. Since then, the Nakba (catastrophe), as it is known in Arabic to Palestinians, has been engraved in Palestinian collective consciousness as a story of relentless dispossession.

We are proud to share this new digital plateform where NOOR's Tanya Habjouqa collaborated together Amnesty International in producing this immersive photo-story on 70 years of Palestinian displacement.


Documenting Diversity with Nina Berman, Lola Flash, and Ruddy Roye

Documenting Diversity: Staying Woke and Making Pictures A Panel Discussion with photographers Nina Berman, Lola Flash, and Ruddy Roye

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 6:30-8:30 pm NYU Tisch School of the Arts 721 Broadway, New York, NY Dean's Conference Room, 12th Floor

This event is co-sponsored with the NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Department of Photography and Imaging.

How do photographers authentically and confidently approach image-making when the photographer, audience, and subjects can be from diverse racial, class, and gender origins? How do photographers present their subjects in a way that ensures dignity, empowerment and inclusion? How do documentary photographers stay focused on issues that raise awareness of the social and political environment and get involved to influence the outcomes of these situations?

Presentations and panel discussion followed by a reception. Nina Berman will be signing copies of “An Autobiography of Miss Wish.”

 Gallery Nova,  Zagreb Croatia