Pep Bonet windsurfs in Sà Rapita, Mallorca

To start this Monday with energy, #NikonEuropeanAmbassador Pep Bonet shares with us from Mallorca his latest windsurfing in Sà Rapita, with music by The Full Metal Jackets.

Pep Bonet broke the Spanish Windsurf record at 51,12 knots at the Luderitz Speed Challenge, and is currently 11th on the Worldwide Speed Windsurfing ranking.

Our January Monthly Newsletter is out!

Our January Monthly Newsletter is out now, so make sure to check out the latest activities and opportunities to engage with us here!

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 Congo DR, Kasai Central, Luemba, 16 March 2018

A field outside of Luemba that has been slashed and burnt. Despite the conflicts and the destruction of many fields in 2016 and 2017, people who have returned to their homes started planting again and although malnutrition is still a problem, people are finding solutions to find food. Central Kasaï Province.

Léonard Pongo / NOOR

Stanley Greene investigates Pre-Brexit England.

With the "Brexit, Deal or No Deal" situation currently happening in the United Kingdom, we decided to look back at Stanley Greene's assignment for Channel 4 News where he discovers the British political scene. He followed 4 party candidates during the 2015 election where he shared his views and impressions of the election race happening in the United Kingdom

Watch the video now available here:

NOOR December Newsletter is out now!

Our December Newsletter is out now, so make sure to check out the latest work at NOOR, as well as education opportunities, and all the upcoming exhibitions!

Triumph of the Shill screened at DC Independent Film Festival

Saturday, February 17th

NAVAL HERITAGE CENTER Screens as part of Really Real Documentary Shorts

Using Washington D.C and New York’s Trump Tower as a backdrop, Triumph of the Shill, reimagines the Leni Riefenstahl Nazi classic as an aesthetic blueprint to consider the 2017 presidential inauguration and the election of Donald J. Trump.

Director Bio: Nina Berman is a photographer, author and filmmaker creating work around politics, ideology and militarism in the U.S. She was a 2010 Whitney Biennial artist and teaches documentary photography and film at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Watch the trailer to her movie here.


"Triumph of the Shill" screened at Triennial of Photography Hamburg

Nina Berman's short-documentary "Triumph of the Shill" will be projected for the first time in Germany at the Triennial of Photography Hamburg.

Nina Berman's short documentary Triumph of the Shill reimagines the Leni Riefenstahl 1935 Nazi propaganda classic as an aesthetic blueprint to consider the 2017 presidential inauguration and election of Donald J. Trump.

Watch the trailer to her movie here.


Announcing NOOR Film

NOOR and UPFRONT are proud to announce their partnership and the creation of NOOR Film, a new innovative platform that will produce short & long feature films, series and documentaries.


Upfront founder Lucas Menget states about the new collaboration:

“NOOR photojournalists, filmmakers and authors are our new sentinels. For years, they have been working on issues like climate change, refugee crisis, identity and gender, before they became breaking news. Together, we want to tell compelling and human stories of women and men confronted by fierce social changes. Our storytelling for a wide digital distribution will be strong and innovative.”

“NOOR started 10 years ago because together NOOR authors were able to “make changes” through photography, filmmaking, creating stories that impact humanity,” says NOOR’s Managing Director Clement Saccomani. “Today, we believe that video, moving images and documentary pieces will allow us to reach a new and larger audience. UPFRONT will help us confront the dominant narrative using visual storytelling with integrity and passion. NOOR exists to inspire empathy and action”

About Upfront – Digital Stories

Upfront – digital stories is a news agency producing short and powerful films for digital platforms, as well as documentaries for broadcast TV, based in Paris, France and New York, USA.

About NOOR

NOOR is a collective uniting a select group of highly accomplished authors, filmmakers, and photojournalists documenting, investigating and witnessing our world.