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    In rural Washington state, 24-year-old Alex began communicating with members of the Islamic State last August via Twitter. She reached out to them first out of curiosity, and then continued to chat with them as a way to fill the loneliness and boredom of her life in a town of 3,000 people, where she works only part-time and where her main pastime is going to the mall. "They were online all the time, always available," she said. "And they were nice to me." | Washington, USA | March 2015 | Andrea Bruce / NOOR | Please contact office@noorimages.com for more images and information.

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    At a National Day of Prayer event outside the Capitol Building - the day is a Judeo-Christian event that was approved by the congress some years ago. Managed by Shirley Dobson, of the Focus on the Family connection, it highlights Judeo-Christian celebrations asking other religions to not participate if they are not prepared to celebrate America's "christian' traditions. I Washington D.C., USA I May 2006 I Asim Rafiqui / NOOR

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    Children bath at the watertap in Batey 8; houses in the bateys have no running water, so people have transport water from a well. | Batey 8, Dominican Republic | May, 2014 | Kadir van Lohuizen / NOOR

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    Mesnal Delarge's sister reacts after seeing the body of her brother who was shot and killed while marching in a pro-Aristide rally in Port-au-Prince. The Haitian national police has frequently fired upon peaceful demonstrators, often right in front of MINUSTAH troops I Port-au-Prince, Haiti I May 2005 I Asim Rafiqui / NOOR

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    Pinning yellow post-it notes to rows of fancy jeweled wedding dresses, a shop assistant at one of Zaatari Refugee Camp’s boutiques reserves gowns for brides to be. Often selecting a coloured frock for the henna night and a western style white one for the marriage ceremony, the busy shop on the camp’s Sharia Souq (Market Street) regularly hires out around ten dresses a day on weekends. I Za'atari, Jordan I January 2014 I Alixandra Fazzina / NOOR

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    The National Cuban Capitol Building, El Capitolio, is being restored to house Cuba'€™s National Assembly | Havana, Cuba | December 2014 | Yuri Kozyrev / NOOR

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    Antonio Guillen (50) picking fresh coca leaves in his plantation in Huayrapata community near Santa Rosa, Peru | April, 2015 | Sebastian Liste / NOOR

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    The opening of the 14th Pyongyang International Film Festival at the Ponghwa Art Theatre in North Korea. Held every two years, the Pyongyang International Film Festival offers North Koreans their only chance to see a wide array of foreign films on the big screen, and it's the only time foreigners are allowed into North Korean theaters to watch movies alongside locals. Pyongyang, North Korea | September 2014 | Yuri Kozyrev / NOOR

suffering in silence: obstetric fistula in asia

suffering in silence: obstetric fistula in asia


Obstetric fistula is a devastating medical condition resulting from complicated childbirths. In most cases it is both preventable and…

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