• http://time.com/isis-mosul/

    2002-2016:Yuri Kozyrev has been working in Iraq for 14 years, documenting the war day by day. Today, for TIME, he reports from the front lines of the new battle against ISIS.

  • http://noorimages.com/sebastian-liste-wins-the-stern-grant/

    Sebastian Liste awarded the STERN Grant, the newly-established scholarship award for young photojournalists, at this year's Lumix Festival.

  • http://noorimages.com/feature/where-love-is-illegal/

    Despite the great progress in the movement for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or intersex (“LGBTI”) rights in recent years, nearly 2.8 billion people live in countries where identifying as LGBTI is subject to rampant discrimination, criminalization, and even death. Robin Hammond visited seven countries to document stories of discrimination and survival from 65 people of 15 different nationalities. | Robin Hammond/ NOOR

  • http://noorimages.com/noor-annual-general-meeting/

    The NOOR Annual General Meeting brings together the agency’s international photographers & staff to discuss photography, visual storytelling, ideas, company business and vote on potential new members. As a result of this year’s AGM, taken place in Amsterdam, NOOR is pleased to announce the nomination of Tanya Habjouqa and Robin Hammond. Sebastian Liste and Benedicte Kurzen have been unanimously respectively elected NOOR President and Vice President for the coming year.

  • http://archive.noorimages.com/?10511533054221535940&EVENT=WEBSHOP_SEARCH&SEARCHMODE=SERIES&SHOWSERIES=1.1238

    A look back at Hillary Clinton’s first presidential campaign in 1992, when she played the role of adoring wife, tirelessly campaigning for her husband, then Governor Bill Clinton, who was making his first run for national office. Twenty-four years later, on June 7, 2016, Hillary Clinton made history to become the first woman to secure the Democratic Party’s nomination for president. | Nina Berman / NOOR



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The Syrian war has created an unprecedented refugee crisis with millions of Syrians displaced. Nearly 100,000 refugees live on a…

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